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may 5, 2022

what’s behind patient requests for stem cells?

by susan buckles susan buckles (@susanbuckles)

in one of the first studies of its kind, mayo clinic analyzed a large group of patients to understand their motivations for seeking stem cell therapies and whether expectations are grounded in science. the findings could help health care professionals cut through misleading claims and better counsel patients. this research by jennifer arthurs; zubin master, […]

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tags: #biomedical ethics, #dr. shane shapiro, #dr. zubin master, #jennifer arthurs, #荷兰vs卡塔尔实时比分 , #orthobiologics, #regenerative medicine therapeutic suites, #stem cell therapy, #stem cells

may 7, 2020

a discovery step toward cell replacement therapy for diabetes

by susan buckles susan buckles (@susanbuckles)

in what could be a step toward cell replacement therapy for diabetes, mayo clinic researchers have discovered how to manufacture cells capable of generating a hormone that regulates low blood sugar. quinn peterson, ph.d. and his team have developed a new method of mass producing a cell product containing the hormone glucagon that is capable […]

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tags: #biomanufacturing, #cell replacement therapy, #diabetes, #dr. quinn peterson, #hypoglycemia, #荷兰vs卡塔尔实时比分 , #stem cells

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