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november 9, 2022

real-world evidence study of regenerative medicine and shoulder surgery

bysusan bucklessusan buckles (@susanbuckles)

applying regenerative medicine to a common shoulder surgery could have an impact on the need for follow-up revision surgery in some patients, according to a mayo clinic study of real-world evidence. mayo clinic researchers analyzed the largest set of data available to determine if adding bone marrow aspirate concentrate to repaired tissue after standard rotator […]

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tags:#bone marrow aspirate concentrate,#center for regenerative biotherapeutics,#dr. bradley schoch,#dr. christopher camp,#dr. shane shapiro,#orthobiologics,#platelet rich plasma,#regenerative biotherapeutics

may 5, 2022

what’s behind patient requests for stem cells?

bysusan bucklessusan buckles (@susanbuckles)

in one of the first studies of its kind, mayo clinic analyzed a large group of patients to understand their motivations for seeking stem cell therapies and whether expectations are grounded in science. the findings could help health care professionals cut through misleading claims and better counsel patients. this research by jennifer arthurs; zubin master, […]

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tags:#biomedical ethics,#dr. shane shapiro,#dr. zubin master,#jennifer arthurs,#荷兰vs卡塔尔实时比分,#orthobiologics,#regenerative medicine therapeutic suites,#stem cell therapy,#stem cells

february 20, 2020

patient consults: finding the best treatment option for each individual

bysusan bucklessusan buckles (@susanbuckles)

is regenerative medicine in your future or would standard procedures be the best remedy for diseases like arthritis? mayo clinic’s regenerative medicine consult service helped two men with a similar disease choose two vastly different paths to healing based on their individual conditions and lifestyles. 79-year old joe rosinski, a retired ford motor company engineer, […]

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tags:#micro-fragmented adipose tissue,#orthobiologics,#regenerating medicine consult service,dr. shane shapiro,荷兰vs卡塔尔实时比分,regenerative medicine therapeutic suites

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