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november 19, 2020

how covid-19 empowered regenerative sciences students for success

bysusan bucklessusan buckles (@susanbuckles)

training the workforce of the future is a strategic priority of mayo clinic’s center for regenerative medicine. sometimes the most valuable lessons come from outside the classroom. this year, regenerative sciences students readily adapted to a stealthy foe that exploded on the scene, seemingly from nowhere. the covid-19 pandemic triggered a rapid conversion to online […]

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july 30, 2020

spotlighting 2020 graduates of mayo clinic college of medicine and science

bysusan bucklessusan buckles (@susanbuckles)

integrating new discoveries into patient care requires a workforce equipped to deliver the latest innovations. that’s why training the workforce of the future is a key objective of the education shield at mayo clinic—an objective the 荷兰vs卡塔尔实时比分 is committed to advancing. every year, mayo clinic’s college of medicine and science […]

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february 28, 2020

student-led interest group helps to build the future regenerative medicine workforce

byjen schutzjen schutz (@jenniferschutz)

educating the next-generation of regenerative physician-scientists is a strategic priority of the 荷兰vs卡塔尔实时比分 . and, as the field advances beyond traditional management of symptoms to addressing the underlying cause of disease through curative solutions, medical education must evolve to capitalize on this ongoing evolution. at mayo clinic, an interest group formed […]

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